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Display Advertising


Display advertising, or banner advertising, is one of the most common forms of online advertising used today.  It is an efficient way to get your name brand recognized on many of the large ad networks for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Display advertising relies mainly on images or videos in banner form to convey your business message. Display advertising allows you to target people by specific traits as they search the internet for content.


Here are a few ways Digital Curve Marketing approaches display advertising.


  • Geo-Targeting: allows you to send ads (impressions) directly to a targeted area by zip code and/or radius when people are searching online. We can target your message in any geographic area from a national level down to a 1 mile radius.


  • Behavior Targeting: allows us to target users by: keyword, browsing behavior, content consumed, site registrations, site visits, and online purchases. Much like Facebook targeting, except the data used is from each individual ad network. (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).


  • Retargeting: allows us to track visits to your website or specific page views and retarget your ads across each network. This is effective as we can control the frequency of how many times your ad may appear daily to each visitor.


  • Native Ads: we can match the visual design of the website they live within to look and feel like natural content. A recent study showed 225 out of 242 subjects (92%) were not able to identify native advertising as a paid marketing message in this experiment*. Journal of Advertising: Vol 45 Issue 2


If your business is in need of display advertising, contact us today so we can discuss in further detail how each of these display ads can impact your business.

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