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My name is Chad Alvarez, and I am the founder and CEO of Digital Curve Marketing, LLC in Grasonville, MD.  I want to share my story about the best decision I made early in my career with my start-up business.  I didnt have to look that far because this valuable resource is right in my back yard on Kent Island – The Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce.

Green and Blue QAC Chamber of Commerce Logo

I joined the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce in March of 2018.  As a new digital marketing company, creating a networking plan to meet other business owners in the area was crucial to the growth of my business.  With brick and morter stores depending more and more on online exposure, I have a great opportunity to work with every customer from A to Z with the Chamber of Commerce since I work in digital marketing.

The big question people may ask is, “What does the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce do?”  How can they help my business and why should I care?

First off, Linda Friday and Tracy Wilson from Day 1 made me feel right at home with helping me establish my business to the community and learning about my niche in the marketplace.  This is a very important process, because the more they understand about your business, the easier it is for them to refer you when people come into their office asking for local business solutions.  The resources are there.  As a business owner, it is a matter of utilizing their resources and network to become a part of a unique business community.

How to use the Chamber of Commerce Website:

The chamber of commerce website provides you with a directory of businesses that are chamber members with all of their contact information.  As shown below, I have access to almost 700 local businesses at my fingertips to reach out to via email or by phone.  When you login to your account, here are some of the key features you will see:


Directory: A to Z Listing of over 700 local business at your fingertips with contact information.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself as a fellow chamber member.  We want you to contact us as we all can benefit from our services we offer each other. The term “BUY CHAMBER” is a real thing!  We want to keep our budget spends with local businesses and maintain a healthy business community.

Keyword Search:  Not sure of a business name?  No problem.  Just search by an industry keyword and you’re all set!

Also, the chamber will allow you to post monthly press releases about events you may have, or even discounts you want to run on your services! Just ask about their press releases they can help you with.

My Experience as a New Member

Within my first week of joining the QAC chamber, I received 7 direct leads from local business owners who needed my services, and the referrals just keep coming.  BONUS!

The human element that you get from your local Chamber of Commerce is an added value to any business in Queen Anne’s County. They offer monthly social events where you can meet fellow business owners face to face and exchange information while learning more about the business community we live in.  They offer email blasts where you can have them send out email messages to over 700 businesses.  Monthly “Lunch and Learns” where you can present or attend to learn more about the services and industries that surround us.

There are so many added benefits in joining the chamber of commerce and it really is a no-brainer to become a member for an annual fee of around $200.00.

If you are a local business, and still on the fence about joining the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce, I highly recommend you stop in and introduce yourself to Linda and Tracy.  They are a valuable resource and one that any local business would benefit from.

For more information on the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce and how to join, feel free to contact them:


1561 Postal Rd
Chester, MD  21619

Mailing Address:
PO Box 511
Chester, MD   21619

Monday- Friday

Phone Number:


Chad Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of Digital Curve Marketing, LLC.  If you would like to learn more about Digital Marketing Solutions for your business, visit us at:









Digital Curve Marketing’s website is now live.  After many months of blood, sweat, and tears, We can finally introduce the company to the outside world.

The seeds of Digital Curve Marketing were not dug up from some graveyard and put together in a science lab, but actually from the ashes of a yellow page phone book in Chicago back in 2006.

In what we consider the wild west of the SEO boom, Google decided to partner up with Yellow Page companies to bring small to medium businesses into the digital age.  No longer could brick and morter stores depend on foot traffic to drive revenue, but keywords on search engines to bring future customers to their “digital storefront”.

In the yellow page world, we often said, “Nobody can see a billboard in the basement.”  No matter how well your website looks, you have to be seen to be found.  It sounds pretty simple right?  Well, not if you do not know how to get there.  That is where I knew we could help business owners change with the times and move into the digital space.

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put a spooky spin on our first post.  While doing so, I want to explain the importance of keeping your customers engaged.  Much like Frankenstein,  you need electricity and a spark to keep your online message alive and active.

Here are 3 Simple “Things” You Need to Stay Alive Online


  • Fresh Content
  • Who doesnt love a good story?.  When google’s “spiders” are searching the web, active websites are seen as fresh and relevant.  Think about it.  Can you move forward if you are sitting still?  Writing a blog about your day to day experiences in your industry will help grow your weight online and help search rankings.  Most of all, customers trust businesses more that blog and respond to reviews than those that do not.


  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Over 60% of all google searches are now performed on mobile devices.  That shouldnt be a surprise as the install base of mobile devices has surpassed the desktop in 2017. Test your own website on your mobile device and ask yourself,  “Is this easy to use and mobile friendly for my customers?”


  • Find Yourself Online
  • Every month, make sure you are searching for your content online and see who is populating the front pages of search engines.  If you are slipping in the ranks, check your competitor’s sites and see what they are doing differently.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, and dont think companies out there arent researching your success.  Always be innovating.  Always be looking over your shoulder for an up and comer.

Something to remember when coming into the fall months.  Searches online go up in the 4th quarter as the weather cools off.  People spend more time indoors and less time on vacations, which means more time researching products online.  4th quarter revenues will make or break many businesses, so it’s important positioning yourself online now for the 4th quarter push.

Thank you for checking out Digital Curve Marketing.  Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the fall season.  Contact us if you wish to learn more about our services.